The Plaid Cymru Party Questions Introducing Robbie’s Law in Wales

10 January 2013

On the 10th of January, 2013 Leanne Wood AM, politician and leader of the Plaid Cymru party in Wales, wrote a post about Robbie Powell on the prominent political blog ‘The Slate‘.

In this post she calls for the immediate attention of the First Minister for Wales, to meet with the Prime Minister and discussing the possibility of a full public inquiry into Robbie’s death. In the post, Ms. Wood discusses the failings of the healthcare, judicial and police institutions, built supposedly to protect Robbie, as being “shocking and unforgivable”.

Ms. Wood went on to say that all of the investigations to date and apologies given to the Powell family by politicians, do not adequately bring Robbie’s death to justice.

“Plaid Cymru are currently looking at the question of introducing a new bill ‘Robbie’s Law‘ that could include two primary provisions. Firstly, to outlaw deleting entries in patients’ medical records. The ability to retrospectively amend medical records would remain but in the interests of transparency, all previous entries should be visible. The second primary provision would be an automatic right for next of kin of deceased patients, to have full and unfettered access to their loved one’s medical records.” Ms. Wood said.

This is an promising development in the case of Robbie Powell, and in bringing his death to justice, 23 years after the tragic event. According to Wood, action needs to happen now, for the sake of the Powell family, and thousands of other Welsh and English families.

It’s time to vindicate these suffering families and to give them a voice. Instituting Robbie’s Law will mean that the medical, judicial and police establishment all have clear guidance about how to govern, manage and prosecute medical accidents, in an honest and open way.

Read the full article by Leanne Wood AM here.

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