24% The percentage of NHS trusts that regularly inform patients of safety incidents.

6% The percentage of NHS trusts that admit to never informing patients of safety incidents.

1 Million The estimated number of patient safety incidents in English hospitals every year.

50% The percentage of patient safety incidents that are avoidable.

6,000 The number of clinical negligence claims every year.

£9 -10 billion The potential liability of the NHS; (based on reporting from NHS trusts about medical accidents, deemed to be negligence risks).

66% The percentage of doctors who are open and honest with patients, when something goes wrong with treatment. The other 33% are hesitant to tell the truth.


Failing to report mistakes, deprives healthcare staff of opportunities to learn and develop skills.
It also deprives patients and families the natural right to know when things go wrong!

Robbie’s Law redresses these imbalances of knowledge and power.

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